Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A tough start to the morning

Another tough start this morning, last night was ok. After we put the boys to bed, we watched about 30 minutes of tv and then I got up and went on to bed and read a little before falling asleep. I finished reading chapter 2 in The Power of a Praying wife. And actually found that it applied to this week. The chapter was titled "His work". I will be honest, I may not have encouraged him as much as I should have over the years, but I did try at least I felt I did. But I will admit that I hadn't prayed, although last week, I did because last week was when he had his meeting in the first place. Now we're just waiting on the actual results and we're hoping to find out tomorrow.
I also read some of my bible, and I still can't say that it doesn't feel much more than a story to me. An interesting story. I know the conclusion I had come to, was that I needed to read it and then just decide to believe it. Well I have already made the decision to believe it. I'm working on it. I've also prayed about it.

So yesterday I got quite a bit done, well sort of. I got the Christmas tree and christmas decor taken down and put in the attic. I also cleaned up some downstairs. I made a pretty decent veggie soup last night for dinner which the boys didn't care for of course. Logan liked it though. Today I will be working on getting the older boys bunk beds put back together so I can move the crib into the bedroom for Logan. He will sleep in there tonight. Tomorrow I have plans of cleaning up my bedroom. It's going to be kind of crappy in the nursery with no crib, but we really won't need the crib to start anyway with the newbie. Since she will sleep in our room in the bassinet. If we're lucky this one won't learn how to pull up at an early age like the oldest two boys did. Logan slept in the bassinet till he was I think about 6 months old. Then we moved him to the playpen in our bedroom, and now, he has to move out of our room. With just over two months left, I have to say, it is fast approaching. As much as I'm ready, I'm also not ready. But we're working on it.

All in all, the weekend was really good. The last couple of days have been a little bit of a struggle though. I'm working on it.

The week will be good though, hoping for an exceptional day tomorrow for all of us!

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