Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Working hard, and hardly working

Does anyone know the reason why someone who just may not believe, or in a sense, they do believe in God, but they just don't go to church but yet it seems like everything bad happens to them, never anything really great? But yet those who do attend church, call themselves Christians but towards others, are some of the worst people ever?

My husband and I had this conversation last night.
I totally understand what he's saying, however, I don't think its very fair. I'm not referring to me by any means. We've had good and bad things happen to us over our lifetime so far. Sometimes it seems like the bad outweigh the good, but in reality, I am really learning to be grateful for all that I have because I have so much. I've got three wonderful crazy fun sons and one more little one on the way. When I was younger, I had never even thought about kids for the most part. When my husband and I married, we both never talked about our life with more than two kids in it period. We will have four in 2010. My kids are one of the easiest ways to make me smile. Seeing their little smiles. Even Jordan, my charming 6 year old. He amazes me, and I two nights ago I hit rock bottom again because of him. I realized that I really need to work on being a much better mom to my kids. They deserve so much better.

So I am going to try my hardest to do better as a parent, as a daughter, and as a wife and even a friend.

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