Monday, January 25, 2010

It's been a long night

I have alot on my mind throughout the night. Aside from the lovely pregnancy uncomfortableness I have also done alot of thinking. It is time for me to really be forgiven for my mistAkes as my husband has already said. The problem was some of the smaller mistakes I held on as anger towards my husband when in reality it was myown fault. I felt as if I couldn't talk to him either. So early this morning I got up And I prayed I actually really spoke out loud rather than whispering under my breath and I asked for forgiveness along with the strength to bring it all up with my husband this morning. I haven't brought it up as of yet but do plan to when it's time to get up. I need the weight lifted and I can't do this one alone. I need him for this one. I also need to pray over my sweet 6 year old today. I have helped bring him so much tension and hurt that I feel I have failed him. He had a rough night again with him talking in his sleep. I wanted to hug him and just tell him everything will be ok. Which I am holding faith that my husband and I can make it all ok for him.I am coming to realize it won't be just the two of us who does this we need God now.

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