Friday, January 29, 2010

It's 4am. And I'm already up why?

Yesterday was not horrible by any means theonly thing thatbothered me was that we had rescheduled the meeting I had with the pastor as the storm in our area was getting worse. I hate driving when the rainis really heavy. I asked about rescheduling about 2 in half hours prior to the meeting time and honestly I felt that wasn't much of a notice for him. I felt bad about it. My husband kind of made me feel even more so that he was disappointed in me for not going. The rain did let up by 7 but it picked back up by 8. I just didn't like how he made me feel I needed to explain it to him and everyone else. I also don't like people being disappointed in me. I'm not ma at him and we did talk about it last night. I kind of hope that today school gets canceled as it's supposed to drop in temp and possibly snow. This way the boys and I can sit on the couch and curl up wiu blankets and books and games and just have one of those days! However I know today Jordan is supposed to have his big test soi don't want him to miss that either. I doubt s hool willbe canceled though. I would like to sit down and read today too it's hard to sit down and do much whn you leave midway through the day to go get one kid get home make lunch attempt naps and then your off to get thenext one. As much as iwasnt ready at he beginning of th year for my sweet 3 year old to go to school more than the half a day I'm ready now! Next school year he will be there all day. An thTs just around the corner! Along with April! Yesterday was my last every month appt! I now will go every two weeks. We are gettting close and well not much is ready. Hoping I can get back to work and finish up things. I haven't even figured out her coming home outfit yet! I know I wa going to incorporate a part of logans coming home outfit into hers but I haven't even begun to get that ready. In feb there is a consignment expo that I will probably go to to get the last little thngs we will need. More than anything though we need to get a freezer for the garage. I know it will come together. Ijust feel blocked that I'm not finished yet. Two rooms upstairs to be doneand then my room needs to be ready as well. I have to clear things out ESP the bassinet get a craft area ready so maybe I can attempt to find the bobbin cover for my moms machine and then I can finally make some girlie something for the bassinet and other things headbands and bows. I really need to get some more girlie fabric though. I have a little of the dress fabric that I plan to turn into some little summe dresses for her an then they can be shirts. I also have this thing where I'm torn. I want her to be able to wear ute things however I have issues with some things parents put on their little ones when sadly there are people out there that aren't looking at them like awww what a cute little baby girl etc. So it's a matter of keeping her covered just as you would yourself. But then I'm not sure if that rules out the spaghetti strapped dresses etc. This is something my husband and I do really need to discuss. It's still very unreal to me that I'm having a girl. I know it's a nerves thing I mean after three boys will we know how to raise a girl. And then seriously I'm the furthest thing from girlie. My husband wears more jewelry than I do. If men wore makeuphe probably would wear more than me too. He is more o a girl than I am. I can only guess at what to do. My poor daughter!

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