Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So I checked my email not to long ago and I found it amusing what I read. I have never been one to actually believe my horoscope but over the years I have had a few chuckles after reading it and the words could apply to the current situation. Kind of like what happens when you read a fortune from a fortune cookie and the sentence makes sense and almost while rare it could possibly apply to your life. Well today's horoscope says to follow your heart. So I chuckle because if I did follow my heart everytime i would have left my husband everytime we have fought about things and talked about divorce. Most recently I would have said again last night that we really needed to do the separation still. We did not fight about anything yesterday. But I will say we didn't talk much either. Part of that was because I chose to not talk. So many times when I do actually say what I feel it's taken the wrong way by him. I do that to him too and I think we are both working on that. Ultimately I have to say I hope everything starts getting better soon. I hope that despite how much I didn't want to get out of bed this morning and push myself to move that because I did it means I'm trying. I could have easily found an excuse not to go today but instead I'm here almost an hour early, because of traffic I left after I took my kids to schhol but apparently it's not as bad as it usually is because I'm here waiting as it would be pretty dumb to go all the way home now.

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