Saturday, January 30, 2010

My real meaning of a baby shower

The other day I got a phone call about having a baby shower. Now let me point out I hAven't had a real baby shower before. My thoughts of a baby shower are not to get gifts for the baby despite how nice it is to get something for your little one. But rather in my opinion it's so the mother (and father ) can feel like the people around them accept their new addition into he world And support them. You know the saying it takes a village to raise a child. Well in a sense it is true. At some point didn't each childs life someone else will be there watching your child or teaching them. School is the biggest example however those who homeschool if you take your child on a field trip to pretty much anywhere someone else may do a little teaching. Out in everyday life someone may teach your child. Whn I had my baby shower when pregnant with my first child. I did not have a real shower persay. My wonderful mother and aunt Pam had thrown the shower and there was specifically only family. Not one person there that was a friend. Everyone had some blood tie to me! Pam by marriage,my sister, It was nice of them to do however it also setthe tone for how I felt about friends any longer. I had none and just like a two years before I was left alone and to fend for myself. But I had always had my family there. It was the reason I changed my way of thinking. Family became my only friends and all. This also happened to me on my wedding day. Other than Chris who was the bestman the other groomsmen didn't even bother to show up the day of my wedding. I learned the hard way that I had no friends,ultimately the only people who had been there were my family. This would be how I have led my life over the years. I stopped caring about if I had friends. What was the point.
This was a huge disPpointment in my life unforunately. I clung to my husband be because he was the only person who stuck around. For a long time I felt like the only reason was bscUse I was pregnant. Now the wedding I had Maas wonderfulbecahse o my parents ( my mom ESP) but if I ha that time in my life to do over I would have just waited. I think it could have helped us wig our marriage. Just like this whole baby shower that I had back then I appreciate all my mom does for me! She is. Wonderful mother and i am so close to her. She really has been my best friend throughout my journey of motherhood! One day I hope to repay her for all of her wisdom and hope and love she's given to me. So please do not get he impression that I'm ungreatful to all she hadls done. In fact I'm more thankful to her than ever as I would not have had a wedding if it weren't for her and very well possible I may had never had a baby shower either.
So again whn I got the phone call I couldn't help but be a little excited. Someone cared enough about me to show their support to my husband and I about having another baby. I get to be surrounded by friends for awhile gushing about the new bundle of joy we will have. I had always wanted to do a meet the baby with my prior sons but never had the friends to invite. I think after I'm up and running after she is born I'd like to have a gathering. One thing that has never happened either is I don't usually have visitors ar he hospital other than family. This last time Around I would like to have visitors if they Would like to come.
Oh and btw we are Going to have a sweet baby girl soon! It's getting really close! I still need to put clothes that I do have away! And maybe we should paint the nursery! I think I will talk to my husband today! We never really did the decorAting for the last two but did somewhat for my first. Maybe it's time we do it this last time Around! Who has some girlie theme ideas!

send me your girlie nursery ideas! We don't have a crib In there right now because logan is using it until he is ready for a big boy bed!

Oh and If they still read this I want to say thAnkyou. It means the world to me that you all care about me! An thankyou my wonderful husband I love you so much! Now wake up and let's get Saturday started! H

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