Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It feels like I should just sleep all day today

It's obvious I can't do that. But for some reason I feel like I should just stay in bed all day maybe even all week and all week next week. Tomorrow is my next drs appt I'm dreading the appt with two kids getting blood drawn and the fact that I have to pretty much go all morning without eating since my appt is at 12:15. I'm really ready to not be pregnant. My 6 year old had a wonderful day yesterday. I am so proud of him. He did well (passed it) the first testing phase for th gifted program. Apparently only three of the students made I passed that phase and my big man was one of them. He also got on the highest color purple for his bhavior in class. Then he came home and he did His homework and pretty much spelled the word nothing on his own. I only guided him in the direction of how, he already knew bow to make up his own sentence using the site word on the homework. Yesterdays happened to be all and hIs sentence was, we all have nothing. Not perfect by he is only in kinder. Either way he tried he did it a d I'm very proud of him. Things have been ok with my husband and I. I think we are on week 3 of not fighting. I am still exhausted though. There is still alot on my mind but that's probably because I'm still that worst case scenerios person. I don't think I will really change though.It also looks as if we need to invest in a new laptop. I think my computer is finally on it's last leg! Oh well next year cause this year there is just too much going on to even think of a new laptop. Taxes weren't as awesome as we had hoped oh well at least the one thing we really really need we will be able to afford getting sometime before the baby comes. We really need an upright freezer for the garage so I can pump milk and store it plus when I start making the baby food and then 4 kids we have got to start buying food in bulk. Today I get a costco card! I'm excited. This will help out with buying in bulk. Now only to get the really nice foodsaver for freezing the foods. My old one doesn't work very well. We also need to replace our couch. Just something that's notripped. I don't have a current working sewing machine ao I can't do much In that area right now. One day though I will have a new embroidery machine that works awesome. Plus a yudu screenprinting machine! A good friend from highschool who is pregnant with me has inspired me that one of these days I will open my own little business from home! She does website design (not sure if she reads this though but I think she's awesome) and today she added on another client! That is so awesome! I want to work out of my home and actually have some kind of steady income. This way I feel as if I'm contributing but I do t have to give up my kids not having me home during the day. One day one day!

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