Thursday, August 27, 2009

Great alternative to plastic cups for kids.

Over the last few months I've had to gather up all of the adult plastic cups to dispose of them. The reason-
My husband. He hates plastic. Now he's been wanting me to get rid of all of the kids plastic cups as well. I just couldn't bring myself to do so, especially because my middle son is still careless enough, especially with the regular size glasses. My oldest can handle it with minimal accidents.

Yesterday I received a Silikids glass. And this glass is great. I waited until lunch time today to use it for my middle son (3 years old) and he loved it. The glass fit perfectly in his hand, and I wasn't scared to hand it to him while he does the one handed carrying with his cups, when we as parents really think they should be carrying a glass cup with two hands.

Ok so you're looking at the picture and you're thinking, well it doesn't look much different than a glass with a cover over it. But it IS different.
Some interesting facts about the silicone
  • BPA Free- We are all looking for anything not glass to be BPA free now a days. 
  • Easy to clean- because of the open pores it won't keep bacteria or fungus trapped in it. Plus it can be boiled to be sterilized. 
  • Safe- Non-toxic as you really just never know when you're little one, (3 or 5) will put things in their mouth.
  • Hypo-Allergenic- The silicone material will not react to anything else sitting beside it or any other way.  So if you leave it next to something and forget it on the counter overnight, have no fear, there won't be any funky gunk inbetween the glass and the silicone. 
Now I am not sure, and would rather not actually test it to be sure that a really big drop would keep the glass still intact, but I will say, at lunch time he did knock it over on the table, and spilled nearly half of the contents out. I noticed it didn't make a loud noise like most do and of course there wasn't a chip in the glass at all.

This glass is a great alternative to the traditional cheap plastic sippy cups, that in my opinion you buy over and over again. The retail price of this glass is 7.95, not bad considering in just 6 months you'll probably by 7 of the 1.00 cheap plastic sippy cups. This one would last you at least two years before your little one would ask to use a bigger cup.

Silikids didn't just stop at making the small glasses, they made universal siliskins to fit glass bottles and other sizes of glass cups, or even a sigg bottle to keep the little hands from freezing or burning when a liquid is inside. They have also made Silicone bibs, which keeps the stains off of the baby, as well as off the bib. Silicone wouldn't stain. It would wash right out. How cool is that.
And just take a look at these neat looking bibs  if anything I'd like one for the coolness factor!

To check out where you can purchase the siliskins for your glasses check here.

Have a crawler? they also have silipads for ages 6 months to 24months.

The silikids brand was founded in 2006 by a mom. Way to go fellow mom!! Just proves, Moms know best!

I think its finally time to check into a couple more silikids glasses, and get rid of the plastic for good.
Now to find a good glass kids dish.

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