Monday, August 3, 2009

I am just a busy bee

Over the weekend, I had one kid, and oh boy was that, well, quiet.
Although we didn't get alot done, we did work on the yard Sunday evening of all evenings. Got quite a bit done as soon as I was able to lay my youngest down for bed. So at least we feel the older two spending the weekend at their grammy and gramps was used wisely, well as wisely as the two of us wanted it to be.

So they ended up staying again Sunday evening, and I headed out this morning to go meet my MIL halfway. Since they hadn't left, I managOed to make two quick trips to the thrift stores in my area. I found a few cool finds, mainly vhs movies as my boys broke their dvd player, so all they have left is a vcr, well we really didn't own many vhs tapes, so I've raided the movie selection at the thrift store locally, all in all I found 16 tapes for about 6.00. Several were old Disney movies. I was quite thrilled, and so where they as soon as they got home and saw them.
I hate to spend a fortune on movies, because those are always the first to get ruined with my boys, mainly because they'll fight over the movie. Toys, eh, things get lost, but not really broken, so we can always find the item after doing a quick search. But movies, no.
So I've banned buying movies for them, I'll rent occasionally so we can watch a family movie downstairs, but thats about it as far as dvds go anymore.

After getting my older kiddos from their grammy, we all had lunch and then we headed home. Only to sit down for a bit and then as soon as my husband walked in the door he changed and went right to work outside. Of course I couldn't let him just do all of the yard work himself, especially if I wanted everyone to eat dinner together. So I went out to help him and ended up clipping the bushes that are right outside our front door, and boy did it need it.
After that, I figured out I do NOT need to go to the gym and lift weights, just doing what I did this evening was plenty for me.
The next three days will be busy, two events this week, plus an appt, and a movie date with my boys on Wed. Friday will be my day off. I promise.

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