Monday, August 24, 2009

Go Green with your kids toys

These days "Going Green" is becoming a more popular trend.  Now I won't say I'm perfect, as I know I am not, but I did get in on the cloth diapering a little ahead of the curve. And I did begin using more natural products for cleaning, which also had me thinking of the health of my children. But why stop there at just the cleaning products and cloth diapers. My youngest is at the age where everything is in his mouth, and of course my two oldest aren't much better than him at keeping things out of their mouths.

Plan toys has their own motto for their toys. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The way they manufacture their toys is designed to reduce waste and save energy. They strive to use recycled and recyclable materials in their toys. And the safety of their toys are not compromised in this process.
All of the wooden toys are made with Organic Rubberwood from rubber trees that no longer make latex. They use a chemical free kiln drying process to stregthen their wood. When building the toys they use non-toxic e-zero glue, soy and water based ink and dye.

Using these key items keeps the toxins out of these toys, and out of our childrens mouths.

So while we have to be careful about the supplies we use to clean our floor, we don't have to be worried about the toy that reaches their mouth.
This information can be easily found on the plan toys website by watching this video (Let me add it has some breathtaking scenes in it).
To check out other videos on plan toys check out their facebook page and become a fan.

You might think the toys at plan toys are just baby toys but they do have toys that will appeal to older children. My oldest son is 5 years old, and loves to do puzzles. What has me the most excited is that these toys aren't the normal video games, or television show based toy. (ie Power Rangers) Instead these toys are more educational toys, that will inspire them to think. When you check out their catalog, and click on the icon that looks like a little person outline, it comes up with information on the Child development skills that will be learned or practiced while playing with the specific toy. In the catalog you can also find toys that are more suited by age. When I went to search through for a toy that would appeal to my three year old, I clicked the ages 3 and up. After doing the search I found the Pirate Ship. This one toy helps develop their creativity and imagination, something that we all should encourage our kids to do in my opinion. It also has the ability to help them develop language skills by telling a story with the pirate ship as well as playing with other children with the toy and developing social skills of sharing and patience with others.

I am adoring the plan toys website.I could easily get my Christmas shopping done and out of the way here at the Plan Toys website.
 And of course I just have to throw this out there as well, but I really think my middle son would adore the green dollhouse. I have always been (despite my husbands disappointment in me sometimes) one of those mothers who encourage my boys to play with any type of toy they desire. Be it something that is "labeled" a girls toy or  a  power ranger dress up outfit. Like the shopping cart my son so eagerly played with so much that it broke (thats how plastic holds up to boys). In my opinion boys need to learn life lessons just as much as girls and they don't make a hot wheels sewing machine.
Either way, you really should check out the site for yourself, it has so many interesting toys, something will peak your interest.  Check out  and become a fan on facebook.


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  2. rhettsgirl05@yahoo.comNovember 2, 2009 at 1:38 PM

    Love Plan Toys!

  3. I love these toys- especially because they are green! I need to find a local place that carries them!

  4. I love their toys, because they're eco-friendly but also that they leave room for kids' imagination, unlike toys that do it all for them.

  5. We're trying hard to do this for my Grandson, and his (soon-to-be) sibling. Really hard when you take them someplace and all they see is the crap that's made in China!!! Great blog-keep it up :) Good info.....

  6. Great review! Plan Toys are wonderful and last forever!

  7. I honestly never heard of plan toys before until recently. Now I'm totally in love with all their toys! I would love to get their dollhouse for my daughter.

  8. We've been a big fan of PlanToys for a while! I love everything about the company.

  9. I love Plan Toys but we only have one. A friend of mine bought a Plan Toys kitchen for her daughter and my children loved playing with her with it. It's really great.

    I hardly played with dolls or other "girl" stuff when I was little. I preferred marbles and Matchbox cars. ;)

  10. Plan Toys are heirloom quality and since they don't make noise, kids have to make their own. I'm a big fan of creative play!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  11. I love the Plan Toys items. Such high quality items that are great for the imagination!

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