Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just remember, they're only 5 and 3

That's what I kept telling myself yesterday after I realized my wonderful oldest sons decided to leave the hose on for roughly about 4 hours. My husband and I caught it after dinner. When he had gotten home, he mentioned where did the water come from that was sitting in the street. Of course I was like, uh did it rain or something, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky and a inkling of rain in sight. So we didn't think much of it, went back inside and I finished dinner and then he goes back outside, and tells me, there's more water. So I follow the water, and lead it back to our backyard where our hose was left on and running for quite awhile. I couldn't believe it roughly 4 hours of running water.
Needless to say both boys went straight up to bed because of it, we had already had dinner and it was 7 so just an hour earlier than their bed time. This of course was all warranted because the day before, they'd gotten in trouble for throwing dirt on their water slide that we have. And that thing is expensive.
How do you teach your children at this age the value of things, and how to take care of their stuff. We must have done something wrong at a young age, because they just dont take care of things they have. Dvds get scratched, video games get scratched, pieces of toys are lost left and right, and usually end up in my foot.
I have pushed and argued over the one toy at a time rule. IT NEVER happens though.

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