Monday, August 17, 2009

Life has been interesting lately Some HUGE news

I haven't updated in a little while as there has been alot going on recently. Last Wed my grandmother who was 74 passed away suddenly.
There's a whole story on that, that I am so angry about but I can't possibly go into it right now. The only thing I can say right now, is Grandma RIP.

Two days after she passed away, my husband and I loaded up the car, and headed the roughly 18-20 hour drive to Florida so we could attend her funeral. Prior to actually doing the loading up on Friday. I found out some other interesting news.

We're having our fourth baby.
My youngest is only 8 months old, and this whole thing is scary. Completely unexpected. I prided myself on the fact that the first big surprise back in 05 (Konnorbear) was a safe two years apart from Jordan. And Logan, was planned, so he was his safe distance of two years apart as well.
However, newbie number 4, and Logan, will very well possibly be in the same GRADE! All because of Logans birthday being in Dec and past the cut off date.

so two under two?
I just don't have a clue how to do it.

Oh and yes, the factory will be getting fixed after this one.


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