Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pocketville Want to try it yourself?

Yesterday was a busy day for me, first a metro moms event, which was great as usual.
And then I got home and played a new game with my oldest son. Now when I first got the email about trying out this new site, I really didn't think he'd be interested in playing it. As I was trying to set up the account for him to play, he didn't seem too interested in it, although he did stand there and ask questions. For a good few minutes, I thought I had lost him while I was setting the account him, but he stayed, something had peaked his interest in it even if he did look at me with a confused look and asked isn't this for girls.

Now my boy, is ALL boy. There is nothing girlie about him, if he sees a pink toy, its not a toy for him. He's always been that way from the start. He wants to learn to sew, and wants his own machine, but of course the only one out there for that age group, is a barbie one.
He says no to that of course.

So once the account was set up, we made him. It took a minute to figure out that it wasn't just for girls, as soon as we made his avatar up, which let me just say looked nothing like him since he chose black hair instead of his dirty blonde hair that he has. I was pretty surprised with that.
What was also odd is that he chose a cat instead of a dog as his pet. But he was pretty happy about it once he started playing.
He got around to playing the games with his pet, and had a blast doing it.
Now I asked him after he had played for a little bit what he thought about it.
He said in the I'm a cool kid tone, "it's cool" and then went right on to play it more.
He didn't want to stop playing which means something. My oldest is just like his father, very much so into video games. And can play for hours upon hours with one video game. Something he's never done with toys. Most toys are short lived for him, so to catch his interest is amazing.

I made him stop playing because we were getting ready to sit down for dinner, he wasn't very happy with me. And then immediately after eating, he asked to play again.

All in all, I really think he's enjoyed it, and I as a mom really like this one better than some of the video games he plays and watches his father play. I don't think we own one video game that is not some type of fighting or violent game in one way or another. So for me, Pocketville was a big change in my house and something I could see him continuing to play and be ok with.

Would you like to try out Pocketville with your kids? Want 250 free tokens? Well I have it for you.
Go to Set up an account with your kids. As you are setting up your account, use the Voucher Code: B9GX8NUDYS and it will add 250 tokens to your account. My son used majority of his tokens to give his cat a shirt and a toy.

If you would please come back and leave a comment about the game. I'd love to know what you and your kids think of it as well.

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