Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can I really do it a 4th time

As you know from previous post (if you don't now you do) that I am pregnant with baby number 4. I am not even thinking about boy or girl, but rather can I do a fourth c-section? Am I going to make it through this pregnancy and birth? I think once I'm in the recovery room I will finally destress and needless to say, I have a long way to go.
There's alot that is so strange with this pregnancy. It was really seeming typical with the morning sickness, as I was starting to feel sick this past week, which would put it right on target of 6 to 7 weeks if I go by my last pregnancy. I knew I was pregnant at 4 weeks. Our third child we planned and it actually took us many months to get pregnant with him. I went through so many pregnancy tests those months. Now with my first two, morning sickness was kind of what tipped me off that I was pregnant. And I found out with them about the normalish 6 to 8 weeks along. My first I was a little further, If I remember right, I was nearly ten weeks when I found out about him. Now we don't know for sure how far, as again there was no tracking involved, and we were trying to prevent. If we go back to the last oppsie, that was back in  June, but, I took a test in July, after being 1 week late. This time, I was two weeks late before the surprise came up. So all in all, I could very well be near ten weeks. But we won't know for at least another two to three months exactly how far along I am, as really the sonogram will be the only way to tell and I won't be doing a sonogram till the "20 week" sonogram. Of course up until then I'm going to be stressed beyond belief about this pregnancy.

So anyone out there gone through several c-sections? Can anyone tell me what to expect at my first drs appt, (it will be a new doc too).

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  1. Hi there! I got a tweet about your blog and thought I would have a look. I am currently in the same situation. We have 3 kids, all by c-section, and I am pregnant with our 4th. And, I will be seeing a new doctor. If we go by my last period, I would be 10 wks along today. I went to the nurse consult last week and have my first meeting with the dr on Friday. I'm pretty nervous actually. We had a second trimester miscarriage before my 3rd child, so it never quite seems real to me until about 14 or 15 weeks. I know this is a long comment, I guess since I'm going through the same thing, and we haven't really shared the news with anyone we know yet, I needed somewhere to talk about it. BTW, were all of your other kids c-sections? How did they go? Mine got worse every time. I'm hoping the new doctor will be more concerned with MY concerns and things will go better.