Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's the weekend!

Remember when I said I had a ton of things to do. Well I got started on one of them yesterday. Our room! I cleared out our desk that we had in there and took it upstairs to the gameroom and made a spot for it in the corner. Our office is now going to be upstairs. It's not a big deal as I really didn't use it to much in our room. Just moving that opened up so much room in our bedroom that we really could fit a round crib (I've wanted a round crib since baby number 2) but never went through with it, because we were having boys. If I find a used decently priced, I think I may actually get it this time around. We may very possibly need two cribs anyway.

Husband went out to the movies this afternoon. After helping me quite a bit with the work I had left to do from yesterday, and yes there is still more to do. But overall its coming together. Next week I'm off to look for a new couch for our living room. Hopefully before the baby comes we can actually have some decent furniture in the house. We still have a "sitting room" thats off the dining room that has nothing in it. At one point we had a pool table, but we got rid of it because we wanted it to be a sitting area and all the pool table was becoming was a clutter catcher.
I'm also going to be on the lookout for a cheap King size headboard. I'm going to decorate it with fabric to match our room. I will post pictures of that project.
I've also got another project going on in my head. I want to make a diaper christmas tree for my SIL, My little Logan was a christmas baby born on the 7th of Dec, but hers will be closer to Christmas, around the 20th. So I want to make her a diaper cake, but decided it would be more fun if it looked like a christmas tree.
I'm excited even though we don't do disposable diapers here in this family.

Oh, and morning sickness has kicked in.

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