Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Open school Policy.

I took my oldest to school with what I thought was one minute to spare. After what happened yesterday with me walking him into school and being told I was unable to walk him back to his class room on the second day of school, I let him out and told him to go directly to his classroom, and watched him walk in and turn to go down his hall.
He was stopped and told to go the office. Now granted I realize he was late, but I went through the fuss of letting him out and walk in by himself because thats what they wanted me to do the day before.
Needless to say I got my youngest out of his car seat turned the car off and marched right in there and I did make a scene. I spoke with the principal and found out that I am NOT allowed to come and eat lunch with my child at school, and if I just feel like walking him back I HAVE to have a prior appointment with the teacher, and that appointment has to be approved by the front office.

So how is this encouraging parents to get involved with their kids.

I have already sent a message over to the PTA president in hopes of getting on board there, plus a few other emails have been sent out to have someone look a little closer at this policy.

I understand there is safety measures to be taken, and I was all for and ready to hand over my ID when I went to go take my son in. But I really think this school is taking it a bit to far with their security.
And the handbook says there is a closed school policy,  and talks of the doors being locked, doesn't say specifically if they just locked from the outside only, and that would be fine, as long as their are the safety measures taken in the case of an emergency.
But are they locked from the inside as well, I'll test it out soon, considering these policies aren't explained very well.

And apparently I am not the only one disgusted with these rules they've implemented.

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