Friday, August 7, 2009

Playdough Factory- Video

I love my son's imagination. There is something so innocent about the way they think and the things they can come up with because of how they perceive the way the world works.
For a little over a year now, my son has come up with that at night after we (his parents) are in bed, he goes to work at the playdough factory. Not long after his younger brother (my middle son) started working with him. The story is so adorable and its amazing how over the course of telling this story, not every single day but just every so often, how much of it he actually retains.
It really may have been over a year ago that he started telling this story, but either way, its been great to hear it and to see how much of the story stays the same, and see what information he changes each time.

I will have to catch another video soon, I wish I would have caught this on video before now just so I can go back and compare. But either way, for your enjoyment, my oldest son, (with a little bit of my middle son making funny faces).

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