Friday, August 21, 2009

Just making a quick update this morning

School is about to start on Monday. Wow, the summer went by fast. Hopefully this pregnancy does the same. We've got so much to do, from cleaning up our bedroom and getting it organized again, there is so much of Logan's stuff in there since Logan still sleeps in his bassinet. As much as I'd hate to move him to his crib, but it seems he'll be moving up soon to make room for new baby.
I also need to spend as much mommy and me time with Logan as he doesn't get the mommy time the older two got with me.

So far so good with the pregnancy, I took yet another test when I we got home from Florida, double checked, still pregnant. I had made it through the long 18 hour drive to and from Florida without morning sickness starting.
My first appointment is one week from today, While I'm going to a different Doctor, I should still get to deliver at the same hospital Logan was born at.
Hopefully I'll get out as quick as I did with Logan. (Recap- I left when he was 36 hours old).
After getting back we've announced our news to a little more people. Despite being so early, however nobody believed us. In fact, not one of our friends (not online) actually congratulated us on our pregnancy.
What is with people thinking we're stupid enough to "joke" about being pregnant. That was the reaction we got. Yes we know that Logan is only 8 months old, but its not like we said hey lets get pregnant and dtd and got pregnant. No, instead we were talking as if Logan was our last child at least biologically. Somehow there were other plans apparently.
Either way, after the initial shock, (ok I have to admit I'm still shocked) we are very thrilled about our newbies arrival sometime early next year.

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